Is Lead Stylists Marketing an agency?

No. Lead Stylists Marketing does not find stylist jobs directly. But we can provide our clients with the proper strategy to confidently approach agencies and market themselves directly.

How do you help stylists?

Lead Stylists is an established marketing company and we are experts in bringing fresh and promising talents in the world of fashion and entertainment. We offer potential stylists and make-up artists like you the opportunity to have a fair advantage in your career, by providing a professional website portfolio and as well giving you the means on how to best break into the industry and eventually succeed.

Do stylists really need a portfolio?

Yes. Every stylist and make-up artist will need a personal and professional portfolio to effectively market themselves and their craft. It is more like a CV instead of just a collection of nice images. When stylists have their own portfolio, the chance to showcase their ability and versatility, and eventually show their full potential, is now available and open to potential clients. The better (in terms of look, content and overall delivery) of the portfolio, the higher chance of getting paid work or getting signed in with an agency.

Will any information of your clients ever be sold or given out without their consent?

No. We treat all of our stylists’ personal information as confidential matter, and any content will not be sent out to anyone without asking for permission first. We are not other companies that do this unethical practice. Our goal to help stylists succeed in their careers is firmly rooted in honesty and integrity.

How long will a stylist’s website or online portfolio take to be made?

The duration of creating an online portfolio depends on many factors. One of them is the stylist’s schedule. For the entire process, we will be requesting various content from the client (e.g. pictures, skill-sets, etc). The stylist would need to send us what we need, otherwise, we won’t be able to progress in creating the website. We make sure to frequently correspond to stylists, making sure that each detail is set on the website.

How much are your services?

Depending on what the stylist wants, we offer different kinds of services. The cost is always dependent on the work that we would do for stylists. Our main service, however, is providing an online presence, to maximize marketing exposure. This marketing approach helps aspiring and talented stylists to have a wider and approachable exposure.

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