About Us

Lead Stylists Marketing, a subsidiary of Lead Model Marketing, is the leading marketing company for stylists. There is no other company like us that focuses our attention on helping stylists market themselves and their companies. We gain our inspiration and innovation through your aspirations and dreams!

We aim to help stylists (Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Nail Technicians, Body Painters, Wardrobe Stylists) by providing them the following:

The proper tools and strategy in marketing stylists of all levels.

Providing the right kind of resources stylists need to market themselves.

To improve and provide the proper interaction needed to land business partners.

Company Overview

Lead Stylists Marketing focuses on marketing hardworking and deserving stylists. We strongly believe that anyone can be a successful stylist, with first, the right marketing.

We offer not only an avenue to express any stylist’s creations, but we are also here to help build a career, to impress clients and make stylists visible in the fashion world. We want you to get the jobs, respect, and credibility that you truly deserve.